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The fan shroud has been installed. The originial fan shroud that was sent did not fit and it was returned. I figured out a way to fix that. Ordered a new one and a different style was delievered and fit right out of the box.
This is the return spring for the originial carb. TYhe weber carb instructions say to use it for the return spring on this carb. But as you can see it does not fit. It is one of a growning list of reasons I will be swapping out the stock intake for a Clifford and a good old American Holley Carb.
Here is another reason the linkage supplied with the Weber card. is so stiff the the return spring needed to return the carb to idle is to large (requires a great deal of effort to open the trottle and cruse down the highway
So this is what I did for a return spring. It works ok but still needs work. It will work for now until I get the Clifford and Holley.

Also visible it the EGR port on the intake that needs to be blocked off. I will use the tape that covered the port during powder coating as a template for the block off plate

The hoses need to get the engine have been addressed. Even with the diet of hoses and sensors I put this Jeep on there still are a lot of hoses.
I copied an idea I came across on the JeepForum and picked up some terminals from a junk yard of a mid 90's pickup truck. I used them for a hard point connection for both a 12 volt source and ground.
I am still finding splices in the original wiring harness and repairing them
Added all the needed fluids and went to crank it over and all I got was a loud click. The starter that I had taken pains to preserve was no good and had to be replaced
Replaced the starter with a new one. and it crank and started right up


It runs again:






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